The day when all Chicagoans become Irish

Chicago is definitely the most multicultural city which I’ve ever visited. There are immigrants from the whole world here and when you are walking through the city you can hear probably most of languages which people may know. The biggest national minority in Chicago is Irish but there is one day in a year when Irish population drastically grows and almost all Chicagoans become Irish at least for couple hours- St. Patrick’s Day.

 I have to admit I really like the way how Chicago celebrates St. Paddy’s Day. First of all, this one day Chicago resembles my beloved New Orleans- since the morning, the streets are full of laughing, dancing and/or drunk people in colorful outfits (especially green and orange of course). Secondly, because of this great atmosphere, you can easily feel upcoming spring in the air. And finally, St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago means two more interesting things: great parade in the heart of downtown and morning Chicago River’s dyeing. Do you want to see what I’m talking about? Then scroll down and see pictures!

  • Photos were taken in 2013 and 2015

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